The aftermath of homicides, car wrecks, and suicides is hard to deal with. There are companies whose sole job is to take care of after these incidences.

For those who have crime dramas in the past few years, you've probably seen this scene. The authorities arrive at a crime scene. They gather evidence. They theorize what has occurred. Then the police leave to question witnesses and piece together a case. Have you ever thought about what happens after the police are gone? TV shows and movies never reveal the day-to-day operations of a bio and trauma clean up company.

No one watches CSI to witness deep cleaning in action so it's not surprising that we don't see it on prime time. But there's another reason why crime scene cleanup isn't on your TV shows: the victim's family, not the cops, must complete this task. What a terrible thought. That's where companies that do biohazard cleanup siloam springs ar come in.

This industry formed out of a need. No family should have to cleanup after a loved one's murder, suicide, or death.

Here are some of the materials of the trade:

  • Everyday cleaning supplies such as sponges and buckets
  • Long scrubbing brushes
  • Putty knives
  • Ozone machines to remove odors
  • Enzyme solvents to kill bacteria and liquefy blood
  • And more

It's a job that only a few can handle, or even watch on a fictionalized television program.