You may have heard that smooth skin isn't just for the ladies when it comes to modern manliness – an increasing number of men are going to waxing salons for things like facial waxing, leg or butt waxing or a chest wax. Some guys are even going hairless from the neck down, known as Brozilians, Manzilians or male bikini waxes. But is all that manscaping worth the trouble? Is it macho?

If you don't know already, it's okay to go with "perhaps." But that's a sign you should be adventurous. That's the masculine response – just do it. Add it to your bucket list. It's really all about looking and feeling hot.

Let's start with something simple: the brow wax. It was once only for girls, but this brow wax has become cmmon in the grooming routines of men across the globe. Well-shaped and trimmed eyebrows can enhance your natural features and bone structure, and the waxed look is the new charming.

Then, consider the ear or nose wax. As guys age, they grow thicker and denser hair. When it's emerging out ears and nostrils, you might look like Bigfoot. You can whip those ugly curlicues into place with nostril or ear waxing, or tempt fate with trimmers and tweezers. For a look that lasts and doesn't produce stubble, try the wax off, wax on approach.

Just be aware: skip waxing the facial cheeks and chin! This masculine hair is often too thick and too course. You're more likely to have the results of a skinned cat than a well-manicured male if you make the attempt. You should probably instead just shave often or indulge in a straight-razor shave. Look for mens' and womens' waxing salons that do a great shave.

Body hair has a new reputation. Now, the amount and shape more relevant, say the best waxers at is waxing painful cottonwood heights, ut.

Let's take a few steps downstairs for a moment. To know how the best do it, think of Hollywood. There, movie stars do things like waxing the hip bones to appear slimmer while leaving tummy hair to make the abs. To really drip with masculinity, the hottest men alive go all bare. And here's a word of advice – with all the hair down there stripped off, more of the jewels are visible.

If you haven't ever been to a waxing salon, you should. It's probably not as painful as you think. Becoming all smooth and hairless could just be that bucket list item that you'll want to go for time and again.