It's true - going hairless isn't just for girls when it comes to modern manliness a€" an increasing number of men are headed to waxing salons for face waxes, chest waxes or even arm and leg waxing. Some guys are even going for the no-hair-down-there look, also known as a Boyzilian or Manzilian. But is all this manscaping worth it? Is it masculine?

You don't have to have an immediate answer. But then, give it a go. That's the masculine response a€" just do it. Put it on a must-do list, in fact. It's really all about how you look.

We can begin with an easy one: the eyebrow wax. It was long the domain of feminine hairdressing salons, but this eyebrow wax is now the norm for guysof all kinds. Well-shaped and trimmed brows can help you take advantage of your natural good looks, and the waxed man brow is attractive to ladies.

Then, consider the ear or nose wax. As guys age, they grow thicker and denser hair a€" not so much for the manes, though. When it's emerging out ears and nostrils, you might look a little barbaric. Get your unwanted face hair into place with nose or ear waxing, or you can use trimmers and tweezers. For a youthful look, try the wax off, wax on approach.

Just be aware: don't try it on your beard area! This manly hair is often too thick and too course. You don't want to shred your skin. Rather, keep to regular shaving or get pampered with a trip to the barber. Look for mens' and womens' waxing salons that specialize in a great shave.

Hair isn't just hair anymore. Now, the amount of fur and grooming are more of a thing, say the best waxers at brazilian waxing salon murray, ut.

Let's take a few steps downstairs for a second. If you want to reach the highest echelons of male hotness, you have to go to Hollywood. Male celebrities pull tricks such as waxing the hip flexors to add to the appearance of slimness while leaving a happy trail to make washboard abs with definition. For the most adoring looks from the ladies, the celebrities go all bare.

Waxing's really not that bad. Going all bare with no body hair could just be that bucket list item that you'll want to go for more than once.